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Tuesday, November 18, 2020

Georgia Battleground Fund

President Trump made a huge difference in our country in four short years. His most enduring legacy, however, is the nomination of three Justices to the United States Supreme Court. The United States Senate showed great courage when they proceeded with the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Thank goodness the Republicans had control of the U.S. Senate! Which Party will control the U.S. Senate next year, however, will be decided in two run-offs in Georgia on Jan. 5. This critical pair of run-off contests will decide the future of America. Already, Democrats and their Liberal allies are focused on winning these two contests, which will deadlock the Senate at 50-50 and give Vice President Kamala Harris the power to break any tie – giving the Democrats control. And, remember, although we made tremendous gains, the Democrats still control the U.S. House. The result for America could be a disaster, especially if Democrats do as they have promised. Massive tax increases, the Green New Deal, defense cuts, court-packing, government-run health care, abolition of private health insurance and every crazy left-wing Democratic idea could be passed in an instant, and the Republicans would not be able to stop any of them. We need to win the Georgia run-offs! Would you contribute today to the Georgia Battleground Fund? GBF is a joint-fundraising committee of the campaigns of Senator David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. All you give will go to the Georgia effort. Individuals can give up to $2,800 to each of the two campaigns ($5,600 per couple) and $35,500 ($71,000 per couple) to the NRSC. Rarely has so much depended on acting quickly. Please donate today! Attached to this Bulletin is a form that you can use. You can print the form and send the donation (there’s a FedEx number on the contribution form), donate online or wire the funds. It is urgent we act now to save control of the United States Senate and preserve the principles that make America great!!
Thank you.



BRADY BULLETIN – GOP Election Report, November 13, 2020



Boaters for Trump Rally

Around 150 boats assembled Saturday, August 15th in the Indian River Bay for a Trump Boat Rally. The route the boats on parade took was past Massey’s Landing. Trump supporters lined the route cheering on President Trump!

Note: UH-60 Blackhawk LPP helicopter above!
Capt. Jim & First Mate Maureen
Capt. Bad Hair Day Donald aka Drew

Trump Rally on Rt. 50

August 15, 2020

Below: The roadway (Route 50 east) was lined with around 120 sign/flag wavers from 30 yards behind our photographer to just beyond the traffic light in the distance (Route 611)

And a big shout-out to Caribbean Joe’s (Alamo Motel complex, Route 50) for the great pulled pork sandwiches, great service, and a perfect venue for our post-rally social







GOP Endorsed Candidates


Dr. Julia Pillsbury (Insurance Commissioner), Lee Murphy (U.S. Congress), Julianne Murray (Governor), Jim DeMartino (U.S. Senate), missing from picture Donyale Hall (Lt. Governor)










Contact:  Jim Costas, President





Aug 13, 2020 Brady Bulletin

Aug 1, 2020 Brady Bulletin

Trump Birthday and Flag Day, June 14, 2020


Drew & Barb Sunderlin, along with Shirley Wiley, represented the 38th in Dover, DE in celebrating President Trump’s birthday and Flag Day. Many candidates and legislators attended and addressed the audience. BEAUTIFUL day!

The Sunderlin Car

Candidates and Legislators

Just some of the attendees

Reopen Delaware, Milton, May 31, 2020


About 200 concerned Delawareans turned out to support our local businesses, churches and constitutional rights on the “Roast Governor Carney Day” at Hudson Field in Milton, DE.


38th Holiday Dinner, December 11, 2019



38th Board with November guest speaker
Kathleen Rutherford
Delaware GOP Communications Director
(left to right) – Skip Derick, VP; Jim Costas, President;
Kathleen Rutherford; Shirley Wiley, Secretary;
Drew Sunderlin, Past President; Diane Meyer, PR;
Tom Fallon, Treasurer

           38th District Republican Club, PAC 2019 Bonfire, August 12th


Beautiful night on the beach in Fenwick Island


Good times and marshmallows


Time to eat!

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The Gloves Are On!

38th DRCP Newsgram

“The Voice”

Your County Representatives:

Douglas B. Hudson, Council District 4 (302)542-1432

John L. Rieley, Council District 5 (302) 8588649

Your State Representatives:

Senator Gerald Hocker, 20th Senate District, (302) 537-6016,,

Ronald E. Gray, 38th Representative District, (302) 436-7024,,

Governor of Delaware:

John Carney, (302) 744-4101, e-mail –, Website:

Federal Representatives:

U.S. Senator Tom Carper – (302) 856-7690

U.S. Senator Chris Coons – (302) 736-5301

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester – (302) 858-4773

President of the United States:

Donald J. Trump, email: – (202) 456-1414

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