March 16, 2021


The Woman’s Right to Know Act will be heard in committee in the House THIS WEDNESDAY, March 17!  We need everyone who sees this email to take action. Please.We’ve made it super easy in 1 click.

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* When you Take Action, your one email will be sent to the members of the Health and Human Development committee, as well as your State Representative. 

View the hearing for HB 40 by clicking on “Live Proceedings” to the right of the home page. Choose the committee name, Health and Human Development, and you will be taken to the page with the meeting link. Click on the meeting link to put in your name, email, and address to receive an email with the Zoom link to view.

To see which hearings are coming up and when, check the Legislative Calendar or the Senate and House agendas.

Here’s the Recap:

(REMINDER: The highlighted bills on the ‘watch list’ below are specific to DFPC’s focus, expertise, and interests. To view the actual bill language or see the sponsors, the bill title is linked for your convenience. Green means we support the bill; red means we oppose it. IMPORTANT: if you click on a bill that you support, take a minute to thank the legislators who are sponsoring it.)


This bill is on the calendar to be heard in committee THIS WEDNESDAY, March 17th at 10am!  Again, listen in HERE!

SUPPORT! TAKE ACTION! The Woman’s Right to Know Act would mandate that a woman needs to be offered the option to see her ultrasound image prior to the abortion.

In any other medical procedure  — even removing a tooth — a patient is shown the image of what’s going on and what’s being removed. In the abortion procedure the woman is deliberately kept in the dark, and sometimes lied to about the development of her baby.

This Act simply requires an abortion provider to offer a patient the option of seeing her ultrasound prior to the abortion procedure. That’s it.

Women can still refuse to view it if they choose. This does not remove a woman’s choice, it simply allows them to make an informed choice.

Will you stand with the women who have experienced the lie of abortion, who are speaking out in this hearing? They need thousands of us behind them.

Please amplify your voice on this issue; forward this email to 10 other people and ask them to take action PLEASE. 

Click here to send an email directly to your State Representative, as well as the legislators in the Health and Human Development committee, asking them to vote YES on HB 40, The Woman’s Right To Know Act.


This bill was heard last week and unfortunately passed in committee. The next step is for it to be placed on the calendar to be heard on the House Floor. You can view the Floor Schedule on the House Agenda.

This bill ensures that women can self-administer drugs and endure chemical abortions without any form of physical oversight, which puts the lives of women at an even greater risk of harm.

Though the bill passed, Representatives Briggs-King, Postles, and Collins all refused to vote for it 🙌 🙌 🙌. Representative Ruth Briggs-King also gave great push back in questions to the sponsor of this bill, though her questions were left unanswered. Please take the time to thank them!

Religious Freedom

This bill will be heard in committee this Wednesday at 11:30 am. It is an act to prohibit discrimination of the individual based on his or her religious observance and practice, as well as beliefs. The language sounds solid, but ironically, the bill sponsors all represent a political platform that seeks to elevate sexual freedom and abortion as rights higher than the right of conscience or religious liberty.

We are actively watching this bill and preparing to act if necessary.

Do not be upset if your typically conservative legislator supports this bill but does not sign as a sponsor for this bill. They may very well be watching intently to see where this is going.🤔🧐

*If one or both of your legislators are mentioned on the bill as a sponsor, this presents the perfect opportunity to connect with them personally via email or text to ask them about this legislation. Find out what may be driving them to sponsor this bill and ask how you can pray for them.


HB 92 was the original bill that changed the term limits for school board members. The current term is 5 years and this bill would reduce it to 4 years.

It is labeled “HS 1” because it is the House Substitute for the original bill. The substitute bill clarifies what part of Delaware Code is being changed. It has passed the committee and is on the House Ready List waiting to be heard on the Floor.

The House Ready List is the list of all bills that passed in committee. The Speaker of the House, Representative Pete Schwartzkopf, will then decide when they will be heard on the Floor.

Voter Integrity

This bill would automatically register adults of voting age at the time that they receive a valid Driver’s License.

If an individual applies for a state Driver’s License and produces documentation to prove their US citizenship, they will be referred to the Department of Elections as a valid candidate for registration. The Department of Elections will then register them as unaffiliated and reach out to have them select a party, if they choose to do so.

Delaware is a “Closed” state, which means that only those who are registered as Republicans or Democrats may vote in the primary election. It will be crucial for those who desire to vote in the primary to either register to vote prior to obtaining their Driver’s License or to follow up to solidify their party registration.

Gun Control

Most gun control bills seek to limit the type of firearms that can be owned by citizens. This bill is no different.

It would not only limit, but criminalize, the ability to own certain firearms — those made with a 3D printer, those without a serial number if made after 1968, or an unfinished firearm frame.

What’s Next …

Please take action on The Woman’s Right to Know Act. Remember that the hearing is THIS WEDNESDAY at 10am in the House committee.

If you are a member of DFPC then we look forward to connecting with you at our March 25th meeting.  If you’re not a member and would like to support this work in Delaware, please Join Us!  

If this summary is helpful, drop us an email or text to let us know. Please remember to pray that hearts and minds will be moved, changed, and that truth will be heard beyond all the deception. 👏🏾

For Christ and His Kingdom,
Nandi Randolph
Policy Analyst
Delaware Family Policy Council
P.S. If you missed the previous legislative update, HERE is the link to review it.
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For the month of February the General Assembly is now on a brief break, except for the very important Joint Finance Committee (“JFC”). The JFC is made up of 12 members of the General Assembly.

You should know: This group of 12 legislators is responsible for writing the operating budget for the state and deciding ‘grant-in-aid’ funding – which means that agencies and organizations will present their case for tax-payer funding. The JFC decides which requests will be accepted and worked into the budget.

FEBRUARY is the key month when decisions are being made about your tax dollars. It’s yet another huge reason to know your Representative and Senator.

These meetings are also public and can be viewed by the livestream link that is listed on the Legislative Calendar.

The JFC budget is presented as part of the “Governor’s Recommended Budget”. Final drafts are introduced to the General Assembly in May or June for a vote.

Here’s the Recap for last week:

(Note: The following summary are bills we’ve highlighted that are specific to our focus, expertise, and interests, or made it to our watch list. to view the actual bill language or see the sponsors, the bill title is linked for your convenience. Green means we support the bill; red means we oppose it.)


Life and Family

We discussed this resolution in the last recap. It DID NOT PASS.
Here is the visual of who voted for and against this great resolution.

The Constitution

SCR 8 is not a bill. It is a resolution which states the values and intent of the legislature.

This resolution sets up guns as the problem, rather than those that use them for violence. SCR 8 completely ignores the Constitutional right of Americans to keep and bear arms. That’s why it’s included in this recap.

This resolution was actually discussed in length. That speaks for itself. The debate between legislators brought up great points, one being that this resolution singles out only one source of violence though there are multiple forms that are a part of the annual violence statistics.

What’s super important is to investigate the language of these “resolutions” beyond the title. 👁Watch for our next email about that. It’s very eye opening! 

  • SB 31: Amending the Delaware Contitution                                                               to add race, color, and national origin to § 21 of Article I to explicitly declare that protection against discrimination based on race, color, and national origin is one of Delaware’s fundamental rights.

A constitutional amendment requires passage in two consecutive legislative sessions by a 2/3 vote count in both the House and the Senate. It passed last year (which was a separate “session”. Sessions last for 2 years). It was introduced this session and passed this week. Now it’s on to the Governor to sign.

In the 60’s there was quite a bit of work done federally to address racial discrimination by recognizing civil rights protections for African-Americans, recognized in the U.S. Constitution. SB 31 is a bill that prohibits the denial or abridgement of equal rights under the law based on race, color, or national origin in Delaware’s state constitution.

What’s Next …

The regular session will resume on March 9th after the JFC hearings end.

If these recaps are helpful to you, Join Us! Be part of our monthly zoom calls. Get inside information and build community with like-minded folks all over our state.

If you’re already a DFPC member, I’ll see you on this Wednesday’s zoom call and at the next in person meeting on the 17th. 🙌🏽

If this summary is helpful, drop us an email or text to let us know. Thanks for reading!

For Christ and His Kingdom,
Nandi Randolph
Policy Analyst


What You Need To Know:
1. This year’s session began last week with a virtual swearing in of several new legislators in Delaware’s General Assembly, which is both the State Senate and House of Representatives, 62 Legislators in total. Use this link to watch committee and floor hearings virtually. They run from Tuesday to Thursday, and typically start at or after 11am.

2. New Legislators who were sworn in are the youngest and — unfortunately — the furthest left of the worldview and political spectrum in Delaware’s history. Many freshmen legislators were political activists before running for office. They have a clear policy agenda and a clear path to implement it. This agenda will affect you and your kids.

3. When Christians are not informed and/or not involved, the entire community is impacted. We engage in this process out of love for our neighbors. If you plan to remain in Delaware, then we urge you to engage in the legislative process, and amplify your voice by joining in it with others when it is time to take specific action.

4. We strongly encourage you to get to know your legislators and begin discussing these issues with them. Click here and look for the red box in the upper right corner to find out who your state Senator and Rep is, then add them to your contacts.

5. The following summary are bills we’ve highlighted that are specific to our focus, expertise, and interests, or made it to our watch list. To view the actual bill language or see who is sponsoring it, the bill title is linked for your convenience.  Green means we support the bill, red means we oppose it. Specific action required will be in red.

Life and the Family

SUPPORT! 🙌 Representative Rich Collins is working to lead this bill in the House. This Act would require a woman who is seeking an abortion to be offered the opportunity to view and ask questions about an imaging ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of the baby before proceeding with an abortion procedure. The woman would be able to refuse the ultrasound and fetal heart tone services, but the bill requires the physician to offer it. Just like any procedure where something is removed from the body, providing this service would ensure that women are informed before making such a life altering decision.

If you are a woman who has experienced regret or harm from an abortion and would be willing to give a 3 minute testimony in support of this bill, please contact me immediately at Nandi@DelawareFamilies.org. We need your help and will counsel you every step of the way.

SB 17 is the senate version of HB 40, The Women’s Right to Know Act. It is being worked in the senate by Senator Bryant Richardson 🙌. This bill was filed in both chambers, which is unusual, to avoid efforts to expire or bury the legislation. If it gets tabled in one chamber then it can still proceed in the other.
This bill only affects state employees. It extends the existing unpaid parental leave benefits of most state employees to include school district employees.

Limited Government

Governor Carney declared a state of emergency on March 12, 2020. This declaration, which was initially a two week period, has extended to many months, causing both emotional and financial struggle within our state. This bill led by Rep. Rich Collins seeks to limit a Governor’s state of emergency declaration to 30 days, and to require Legislative approval to extend it.

Election Integrity

To ensure that each ballot cast is valid and not a duplicate, there are currently limitations/restrictions in Delaware for receiving absentee ballots. These restrictions were temporarily lifted during the COVID lockdowns, but this created issues such as individuals receiving duplicate ballots, the wrong ballot, or none at all. HB 15 would permanently lift the current restrictions on absentee voting from the Delaware Constitution.

Because HB 15 is an amendment to the Delaware Constitution, it must be passed in two successive sessions. It successfully passed the first session in 2020.

This bill would allow Delawareans to register to vote on election day and obtain their ballot directly at the polls. This does not allow for sufficient verification or authentication of voter identity.
Currently, there are 21 members of the Senate who each serve 4 year terms; their elections are staggered so that they are not due for re-election all at once. This bill would change the term of the Senate so that 10 Senators serve 2 year terms and the other 11 serve for 4 years. This bill also requires that redistricting, currently done by the Governor and a chair from each party, be completed by the Legislature. This new structure manipulation will easily allow the majority party to take complete control and obtain a super-majority in the Legislature.
Be on the lookout for regular legislative updates from me and be prepared to take action. Now, more than ever, we must be vigilant and engage in this process.
For Christ and His Kingdom,





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