Please read and take action as requested by our member, Al Frech.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is way too important to ignore.  I urge you to take action! The liberal media will make this sound like the Democrats are protecting voters’ rights.  In actuality they are subverting the 10th Amendment that secures states’ rights. Don’t be fooled.
Please make these calls.  Be polite but emphatic. 
Thanks in advance
Marilyn Booker
Sussex County Republican Committee
Sussex County Republican Women’s Club

The Senate is in session TODAY! Help us melt their phone lines by calling 202-933-1069 & telling them to stop the far-Left’s election takeover scheme (HR4)! Remember what happens in DC happens in DE. Call now! Be heard!

Calling the above number will connect you to Biden and Carper DC offices. When you finish your message do not hang up you will be transferred to the other DE Senator.

I just called and left this simple message: “Hello I am a Delaware constituent and I am strongly urging the Senator to not vote for HR 4 bc it proposes a federal takeover of state regulations regarding elections. We know what’s in this bill and the Senator needs to protect his constituents by keeping control of elections at the State level. Do not betray us. Thank you. “


Al Frech, PhD
Sentinel- Heritage Action
Chpt. Leader, MassResistance.Org

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